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The Arizona Latino Legislative Caucus has new leadership. Horizonte host Jose Cardenas spoke with Senate Caucus Co-Chair Sally Ann Gonzales and House Caucus Co-Chair Andres Cano.

Cano started by saying, “We at the Latino Caucus believe we have tremendous work in front of us to be able to uplift the voices of the underserved communities throughout Arizona particularly as it relates to Covid-19 vaccine distribution. Last week the Latino Caucus sent a letter to the governor urging him to be able to do something about the inequities we are seeing about the access to the vaccine. Less than eight percent of the 1.5 million doses administered throughout Arizona have actually gone into the arms of Latinos. that is a tremendous issue and it’s why we are staying focused on Covid-19 relief throughout and beyond the pandemic.”

Gonzales stated that they are asking the governor, “to start with a more culturally sensitive marketing plan for our community. More bilingual information on how to get appointments, where to go, and just also working with our local nonprofits already working with these communities that concern us… Allow them to do the vaccinations because they are more apt, our community members are more apt to go to these agencies, organizations, and entities to get information and get the help that they need.”

Cano continued to hit on Covid-19 relief being the priority of the Latino Caucus when asked about voting and maintained that dealing with the pandemic is his and the caucus’ number one priority.

Both Cano and Gonzales pointed to GOP policies or talking points and disagreed with them while focusing on trying to help as many people in their communities as possible.

Sen. Sally Ann Gonzales - (D) District 3, Senate Caucus Co-Chair; Rep Andrés Cano - (D) District

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