How a program helps asylum seekers

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Casa Alitas Program serves asylum seekers, providing short-term shelter, and help reunite family members in the U.S. We will discuss how Casa Alitas is helping people crossing the border that need help with Diego Lopez, program manager for Casa Alitas.

It is a shelter for asylum seekers. The shelter works with them to help them get connected. The typical stay is just a couple of days. Jose asks how they get to Casa Alitas. He said all of their families are going through the asylum process. After the process, they are released to them or other agencies.

He talks about how they were handled differently with the Biden and Trump administration. He explains the protocols that are different and how it works.

He said right now they are seeing people from many different countries coming through. The ones that are being taken back to Mexico right now are people that are not in the asylum process.

Some people have been waiting for asylum for upwards of 3 years, he said. He said they see people all over the world right now.

Diego Lopez, program manager for Casa Alitas

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