Alexandre Rukashaza

Alexandre Rukashaza to join Arizona PBS as head of digital media and broadcast operations

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Alexandre Rukashaza

Alexandre Rukashaza, an innovative media technologist with over 20 years of experience in broadcasting production, has been named the new director of digital media and broadcast operations for Arizona PBS, a position critical to the station’s goals of leading in innovation and technology.

Rukashaza, who takes the post on Oct. 4, comes from Howard University Television, PBS station WHUT-TV, where he most recently served as the broadcast operations manager.

Rukashaza will lead all operational activities associated with delivering content on broadcast and digital platforms for Arizona PBS and the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University, which operates the station. In this role, Rukashaza will be responsible for optimal operations and use of technology used in the station and the school, to include collaboration with faculty and ensuring compliance with technology-related regulations.

“We are delighted to have Alex join the Arizona PBS team, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge, skills and abilities to help advance our robust vision and plan for continued digital transformation,” said Adrienne Fairwell, general manager of Arizona PBS. “I can’t wait to see all we accomplish in this space under his leadership.”

“I am humbled to have a new home, a place where learning goes beyond the classroom,” Rukashaza said. “I am thrilled to join the incredibly talented team at Arizona PBS and the Cronkite School and look forward to learning and working with ASU students in all areas of our operations.”

Rukashaza is credited with leading WHUT-TV’s 2009 transition from analog to digital, including the implementation of automation systems in master control. In his time at Howard University, he has also advised and trained students in TV production and produced live online productions using a variety of platforms.

Prior to his work at Howard University, Rukashaza served as a broadcast production engineer for Georgia Public Broadcasting. He holds a bachelor’s degree in communication technology management from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, where he specialized in broadcast production.

Rukashaza also serves on the Board of Advisors for iDebate Rwanda, an Rwandan-based NGO that encourages students, through debate and public speaking, to become engaged learners, critical thinkers and effective advocates for themselves and their communities.

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