Danielle Durack performs on Playlist 48

Arizona PBS launches new digital music show to highlight Arizona music scene

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Danielle Durack performs on Playlist 48

Indie artist Danielle Durack and her brother Matt perform on “Playlist 48.”

Arizona PBS will launch a new digital music show “Playlist 48” on Nov. 5 to spotlight local Arizona artists and bands of all genres with connections to Arizona, the 48th state.

The series will serve as a curated playlist of Arizona’s music scene and the artists who are shaping it today. Viewers will be able to watch the show on azpbs.org, Arizona PBS’ Facebook and Instagram accounts and the PBS Video app.

The idea for the “Playlist 48” project was developed from market analysis data that found Arizona PBS viewers wanted more music content.

“When you think Arizona music, what comes to mind?” said Ebonye Delaney, director of digital content and production at Arizona PBS. “We want to bring that to the surface. We want to be that microphone that amplifies emerging artists. Let’s be that place where people can come and gather and just listen to a variety of music and celebrate the culture of Arizona.”

The first artists to be featured include rock band The Black Moods, violinist Julian Nguyen, alternative rock band The Heartless, saxophonist Jermaine Lockhart and indie artist Danielle Durack.

Durack has been on the front lines of launching a renaissance period for Phoenix music. The ASU alumna felt honored to be chosen by Arizona PBS for this series.

“It feels surreal knowing that I’m going to be on a big platform like PBS,” Durack said. “It’s an honor to be involved and it’s cool that they thought of me.”

Durack, whose latest album “No Place” was funded by her second job at a pizzeria, said she appreciates Arizona PBS’ effort in this project and how it sheds light on the Arizona music scene as a whole.

“Even as someone in the scene, I don’t know what’s going on in Peoria or Gilbert,” she said. “It’s a cool way to discover new talent in my backyard.”

Each episode will feature one band or artist performing two original songs, with an interview segment in the middle. “Playlist 48’s” interview portion will allow the artists to talk about their music and their lives, including other work and interests.

“At times we have a kind of narrow vision of what a musician is,” Delaney said. “A musician can be the coworker in the cubicle next to you, and then when they leave work, they go out and produce music in the hope of sharing their passion with the world. We want to bring those stories to life.”

On Nov. 5, the same day “Playlist 48” premieres with an episode featuring Durack, she will be performing at Tempe Center for the Arts’ “48 LIVE” music festival. The festival features an array of musical, theatrical, dance and visual artists from around the 48th state.

New episodes of “Playlist 48” will be released weekly on Fridays.

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