2018 Writers Contest Winners

2018 Writers Contest Winners


A Ballerina Story – Alexia Gomez-Leon – 1st place – K

The Super Secret – Alina Rose Caldwell – 2nd place – K

Farmer Tom and Daisy Cow – Rachel Brown – 3rd place – K

1st Grade

The Monkeys Save the Elephants – Asher Silverman – 1st place – 1st Grade

Tony and the Bad Meat Dream – Kira Marines – 2nd place – 1st grade

A Bear Who Didn’t Eat Fruit – Claire Erickson – 3rd Place – 1st Grade

2nd Grade

Alice Turns Green – Rowen Elizabeth Caldwell – 1st place – 2nd grade

The Healthy Mermaid – Alessandra Ruiz – 2nd Place – 2nd grade

Skelly Loses His Bones – Aaron Ortiz – 3rd place – 2nd grade

3rd Grade

Math for Milk – Sreekar Charan – 1st place – 3rd Grade

The Adventures of Milky and his Friends – Gavin Zimmerman – 2nd place – 3rd grade

The Garden – Mila Mestaz – 3rd place – 3rd Grade

4th Grade

The Dragon who never Ate his Vegetables – Tre Hallberg – 1st place – 4th grade

Health is Wealth – Ranjit Nair – 2nd place – 4th grade

A Magical Surprise – Gia DuBose – 3rd place – 4th Grade

5th Grade

Fluffy’s Quest for Food – Adelaide M walloch – 1st place – 5th Grade

Get Outside! – Jackson Conway – 2nd place – 5th Grade

Fruit for Fang – Sophia Savoie – 3rd place – 5th Grade

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