News block preview Oct. 22-25

At Arizona PBS, we work to bring you a complete picture of the issues impacting our communities. While it’s always possible that breaking news may affect our plans, here are some of the topics we’re planning to bring you this week on Cronkite News at 5 p.m. and Arizona Horizon at 5:30 p.m.

Monday, Oct 22

On Cronkite News, we’ll take a look at Valley churches that are becoming shelters for migrant families coming from Central America. See how these churches are coping. Plus, a Phoenix whiz kid is in the nation’s capital after creating an app to help put excess food to better use.

On Arizona Horizon, we’ll hear the pros and cons of Proposition 126, meet award-winning PBS producer Sarah Holt and explore ways seniors to increase memory and brain power.

Proposition 126 would ban tax on services in Arizona
Arizona Proposition 126 would ban any new or increased taxes on services like haircuts if that tax did not exist before the end of 2017. We’ll hear from Wes Gullett, CEO of OH Strategic Communications, the consulting firm working to pass 126 for the group Citizens for Fair Tax Policy, and state Senator Steve Farley, who is the chairman of the No on Proposition 126 Committee.

Award-winning PBS producer Sarah Holt 
Sarah Holt is an award-winning producer of films for PBS and cable shows with topics that include science, history and economics. She’s written, produced and directed for documentaries that delve into our genetic code and tell the stories of historical figures. We’ll talk to Holt about her work.

Seniors and hobbies
A study by AARP and Banner Alzheimer’s Institute looked at the best ways for seniors to increase memory and brain power — and their recommendation is to take up a new hobby that requires physical activity and is social. While brain games and crosswords are effective tools, physical activity that requires reasoning and using different parts of your brain is a much better way to stay sharp, according to research. We visit the Coyotes Curling Club of Tempe to see the benefits firsthand and we hear from the lead researcher from BAI.

Tuesday, Oct 23

On Cronkite News, we’ll meet an aid group that is turning a Tucson hotel into a center to house migrants coming across the border. We’ll also take a look at the increase in migrants and how Southern Arizona is handling the influx.

On Arizona Horizon, we’ll hear the pros and cons of Proposition 127, which would amend Arizona’s constitution to require private utility companies to produce at least 50 percent of electricity from renewable resources by 2030. We’ll also hear from author and law professor Gary L. Stuart on his new book on Arizona legend Ernest McFarland. McFarland, who served as a U.S. Senator from the state, as its governor and as a justice on the state supreme court, was also known as the father of the G.I. Bill. Stuart’s book “Call Him Mac: Ernest W. McFarland, the Arizona Years,” was released October 16.

Wednesday, Oct 24

On Cronkite News, we’ll visit the town of Naco, Arizona, which is dealing with a sewage issue from Mexico. We’ll take a look at possible solutions on both sides of the border. Plus, traditional Native American designers claim their creations are being copied and used for Halloween dress-up. We’ll meet one group fighting to protect their culture from being used as costumes.

On Arizona Horizon, we’ll hear the pros and cons of Proposition 305, which would expand the school voucher program for K-12 students in our state, which allows use of public tax dollars for private schools. The money is distributed through Empowerment Scholarship Accounts that give money to parents who use it to pay for private schools, including religious schools. We’ll get the pros and cons in a debate on the issue.

Thursday, Oct 25

On Cronkite News, we’ll take a look at a not-so-scary anti-bullying program. “Haunters,” who are those who dress up in costume at haunted houses, are using their make-up to teach children about being inclusive.

On Arizona Horizon, host Ted Simons talks with local broadcast pioneer Ray Odom about his career, ownership of radio stations and encounters with celebrities like Elvis Presley before they hit the big time.

Friday, Oct. 26

On Arizona Horizon, Ted welcomes our weekly Journalists’ Roundtable, in which three local journalists recap the big news of the week.


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