Grand Canyon at dusk

Celebrate 100 years of Grand Canyon National Park Feb. 26

The Grand Canyon’s status as a national park turns 100 years old on Tuesday, Feb. 26. Spend the evening with Arizona PBS as we bring you three extraordinary programs that honor the history, cultural significance and explore its future as Arizona’s most popular tourist destination and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Tune in Tuesday, Feb. 26, beginning at 7 p.m. Get your own copy of the Grand Canyon combo set here.

Grand Canyon Serenade (7 p.m.)

This stunning HD visual portrait of the Grand Canyon region is set to the world-class music of some of the most beloved classical music composers: Tchaikovsky, Brahms and Dvorak. Experience breathtaking views during one of the most dramatic adventures on the planet. This “meditative” film journey showcases the beauty and spiritual nature of one of America’s crown jewels.

Öngtupqa (8 p.m.)

A Hopi cultural music and video project celebrating the most ancient sounds to emerge from Öngtupqa — the Hopi name for the Grand Canyon which translates to “Salt Canyon” — recorded inside its most significant structure, the Desert View Watchtower. It features the oldest instruments from this corner of the world through original compositions inspired by the canyon. This music was created on-site with reverence for the space that could never be replicated in a music studio far from the views and spirit of Grand Canyon. “Öngtupqa” is the first recording of its kind for this special location – an acoustic soundscape intended to celebrate and honor the surrounding landscape.

Beyond the Rim: The Next 100 Years of the Grand Canyon (9 p.m.)

Take a look at some of the changes facing Grand Canyon National Park as it enters its second century. We explore the vital role volunteers play in the daily operations at the park, how Native American voices are becoming more integrated, how the tourist experience is changing and what’s being done to shore up natural resources like the Colorado River and native plant and animals. This Arizona PBS production was  made possible by William and Susan Ahearn.

(Featured image by Larry Simkins for “Öngtupqa.”)

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