April 21 | Grades 4–8

Programming Highlights

NOVA | Chinese Chariot Revealed
Probe the genius of China’s first super-weapon: the battle chariot. Investigate the design secrets which made them such a long-lived war machine, all while discovering how they were used, what set them apart from the rest of the world and their role in the unification of China.

Africa’s Great Civilizations | The Cross and the Crescent
Charts the emergence of two powerful forces of global change, Christianity and Islam. See how pervasively “the Cross and the Crescent” reshaped the landscape and people of Africa between the first and 12th centuries A.D. — and for centuries to come.

Breakthrough: Ideas That Changed the World | The Airplane
Take to the sky with the dreamers whose work gave humans the ability to fly. From Leonardo da Vinci’s “flying machines” to the modern commercial plane, without these inventions, we may have never left the ground.

At-Home Learning Tips

Enjoy More Chances for Family Togetherness
One of the most heartwarming aspects to come out of this unprecedented moment is that families now have more time to spend together than ever before. With morning and afternoon commutes canceled, school drop-offs and pick-ups gone, and extracurricular activities suspended, several hours of the day have been returned for families to spend together. Find more ways to keep your family entertained and engaged in the long days at home.

Daily Programming

6:30 a.m. Nova: Chinese Chariot Revealed (Science/Archeology)

How Do We Know About the Shang?: The Story of China – Discussion Questions

Know Your Dynasties: The Story of China – Interactive

7:30 a.m. History Detectives: Japanese Cane, Revolutionary Telescope & I.W. Baker’s Gold Drawing (Social Studies)

Remember Japanese Internment: PBS NewsHour – Discussion Questions

The Gold Rush: The West – Discussion Question

8:30 a.m. Africa’s Great Civilizations: The Cross and the Crescent (Social Studies)

The Aksum Kingdom – Activity

9:30 a.m. Breakthrough: Ideas that Changed the World “The Airplane” (Math/Science)

Wilbur and Orville Wright: The Process of Innovation – Video

Kites to Flight: Inventing with the Wright Brother – Video

10:30 a.m. Nova: Chinese Chariot Revealed (Science/Archeology)

How Do We Know About the Shang?: The Story of China – Discussion Questions

Know Your Dynasties: The Story of China – Interactive


Additional Resources

Hijabistas: Inside the World of Muslim-American Fashion
In the past, nothing has ever stopped Muslim fashion aficionados from wearing designers outfits beneath their loose-fitting caftans, or abayas. But these days, fashion-forward women realize that it’s possible to mix and match not just traditional Muslim garb with mainstream fashion.

Follow the Life of an Immigrant African Woman
Walk in the shoes of Amina, an African immigrant woman living in Istanbul, Turkey.

Giving History a Hand with Vintage Aircraft Restoration
Pilots say there is nothing on earth that can compare to flying. For those who painstakingly restore vintage aircraft, the story begins and history unfolds even before the plane returns to the skies.

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