May 7 | Grades 4–8

Thursday on Arizona PBS

6:30 a.m. Nova, The Planets: Saturn

Saturn’s Rings and Moons – Video and Support Materials
Saturn’s Stunning Double Show – Video 

7:30 a.m. History Detectives: Hindenburg Artifact; John Adams Book; Birthplace of Hip Hop

John Adams – Video and Support Materials
A Case for the Separation of Powers – Video
Observing (History Detectives) – Webpage
Helium Is Boring – Video, Background Reading and Discussion Questions

8:30 a.m. Spy in the Wild, A Nature Miniseries – The Tropics Pt. 1/4

Sloths in their Ecosystem – Video and Support Materials
Gorillas – Video and Support Materials
Analyzing and Comparing Perspectives On Issues: Gorillas – Lesson Plan

A sloth
Sloths may seem boring, but they’re fascinating creatures. Watch to learn why. | Still from “Sloths in their Ecosystem” PBS LearningMedia

9:30 a.m. H2O: The Molecule That Made Us, Civilizations Pt. 2/3

Will There Be Enough Fresh Water? – Interactive
How Did Human Civilization Spread? (Habitat Earth) – Video and Support Materials

10:30 a.m. NOVA, The Planets: Saturn

Death Dive to Saturn: Introduction to Saturn and Its Atmosphere – Video and Teaching Tips
Study Titan’s Topography – Interactive

Rendering of Saturn floating in water
Did you know that Saturn is so light that, if there were a body of water large enough for it to fit in, it would float? | Still from “Death Dive to Saturn | Introduction to Saturn and Its Atmosphere” PBS LearningMedia
Endeavour Watch Party

“Endeavour” Season 9 Watch Party!

Birdwatching Across Arizona
airs June 7

Birdwatching Across Arizona

Super Why characters

Join a Super Why Reading Camp to play, learn and grow

National Memorial Day Concert image
aired May 28

National Memorial Day Concert

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