Daniel Tiger’s Be My Neighbor Day

Be My Neighbor Day

Show your neighbors you care April 18 – May 1, then register here to celebrate with Arizona PBS KIDS & Daniel Tiger on May 1 in a fun virtual event!

Daniel Tiger holding a sunflower

Join us in celebrating Daniel Tiger’s Be My Neighbor Day!

Through the second half of April – April 18 to 30 – Arizona PBS KIDS will be encouraging kindness in the community through giving back.

We encourage you to donate toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc.) to one of the sites closest to you, throughout Arizona. A list of sites can be found here.

We would also like to encourage you to create special thank you cards to give to those who need messages of support, hope and thanks in your community.

You can find samples and templates inside the Be My Neighbor Day Kindness Activity Booklet. Enjoy all the Daniel Tiger fun listed below, and check this past Family Night page for more tiger-tastic activities!

Show your neighbors you care!
Learn about this special effort today! Download the Kindness Activity Booklet and make your own Daniel Tiger ears.

Spin and Sing app

Friday, April 23
Simple songs help manage the ups and downs in everyday life. Learn and sing with Daniel & Friends

Saturday, April 24
Make a book about your friends! Draw pictures of your friends and the things you like to do together.

Miss Elena sings with her parents

Sunday, April 25
Practice singing the Thank You Song with Daniel Tiger and create a thank you card for someone you appreciate.

Daniel Tiger draws a picture of a dump truck

Monday, April 26
Lots of people help keep our neighborhood clean and safe! Enjoy this story in which Daniel Tiger imagines he drives a dump truck!

Daniel Tiger plays with his toy trolley

Tuesday, April 27
Trolley takes Daniel and his friends all sorts of places. Can you create a Trolley track to run through your play area?

Daniel Tiger for Parents app

Wednesday, April 28
Explore life’s little lessons with the FREE Daniel Tiger for Parents app

Daniel Tiger and Miss Elena play pretend

Thursday, April 29
Pretend play is wonderful for children and adults! Daniel Tiger and his friends show we can be anything with imagination.

Daniel Tiger donation boxes

Friday, April 30
LAST DAY to deliver your thank you note and toiletries to drop off. Make sure you pick up your Daniel Tiger storybook. Digital books also available in this app.

Saturday, May 1

Be My Neighbor Day

Register here to celebrate with Arizona PBS KIDS & Daniel Tiger!

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