Christmas at Belmont

Fri. Dec. 8 at 8 p.m.

“Christmas at Belmont” features alumnus country/gospel singer Josh Turner and Belmont University students. Taped in Belmont’s Fisher Center for the Performing Arts, the show includes holiday favorites and songs from Turner’s Christmas album.

The concert begins with a stage full of students performing an arrangement of “Carol of the Bells” that includes a bit of a medley of holiday tunes. Standout performances in a night of beautiful music include a bluegrass rendition of “It’s Christmastime Again,” a Gospel rendering of “Go Tell It on the Mountain/Glory to God” and a version of “¡Navidad!” by the Percussion Ensemble that’s full of verve and syncopation, as well as a couple of musical surprises!

Choral pieces, orchestral music and show tunes round out the performance.

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