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Reading activity with ‘Click, Clack, Moo’

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A child uses scissors to cut out a writing assignment.
Three completed Click Clack Moo writing assignments

Educators: Finding activities to go along with our read-alouds can be so beneficial and fun for our students!

My latest read-aloud was “CLICK, CLACK, MOO: Cows That Type” by Doreen Cronin. This story was the perfect way to discuss the art of persuasion in class. The cows in the book are going back and forth with Farmer Brown, demanding an electric blanket, and finding ways to persuade him. The ending has a fun twist as well that they did not see coming!

This silly story had the students engaged and laughing.

After we read and discussed the book, I asked students to pretend they were a farm animal themselves, and to think of something they would want to persuade Farmer Brown to give them. They needed to provide a reason why in their sentence. I invited students to think outside the box, just like the author had done by having cows ask for an electric blanket. What else might a farm animal need or want that is unique but helpful to them?

Students wrote their sentences on lined paper as a rough draft, and upon my editing and approval, they received a final draft template.

Their responses were very creative, and some were silly! We all had a great time sharing and reading them. This activity not only provided students with a great opportunity to discuss persuasion, but it also gave them creative writing time.

What other activities could you see being paired with “CLICK, CLACK, MOO”?

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