Vegetarian and gluten-free restaurants featured on Check, Please! Arizona

Vegetarian and gluten-free restaurants featured on Check, Please! Arizona

If you or a loved one has a dietary restriction, going out to eat can be tricky. To help you find dietary-friendly options, we’ve created a list of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free restaurants featured on “Check, Please! Arizona.”

Vegan and Vine

Vegan and Vine

At Vegan and Vine, a cherished local eatery owned by the Ramella family, the world of vegan dining is elevated to new heights. Serving an enticing all-day menu that includes breakfast classics, sumptuous lunches, dinners, and delectable sweet treats, they’ve crafted a haven for plant-based cuisine enthusiasts.

Check, Please! Arizona! guest, Peteris Matthews, a self-described carnivore ordered a margherita topped with vegan cheese. Matthews described it as, “The cheese was fantastic and really melting,” and he praised the sauce for its robust flavor, noting that it “had a lot of flavor” and altered his viewpoint on vegan cuisine.

Visit Vegan and Vine at 502 E Thunderbird Rd, Phoenix, AZ, or visit the website for more information.

a dish from Nana's kitchen

Nana’s Kitchen

Explore Nana’s Kitchen, where vegan soul food takes center stage. Rob and Nequa Matthew, a dynamic husband-and-wife duo, channel their shared passion for soul food into a unique and delectable menu. From ribs and mac-n-cheese to fried chicken and catfish, their offerings are a celebration of flavor.

What sets Nana’s Kitchen apart? According to Matthew, it’s the vegan ribs, their standout dish that has patrons coming back for more. Check, Please! Arizona! guests savor the plant-based burger and Philly cheesesteaks.

Visit Nana’s Kitchen at 777 N Arizona Ave Chandler, Phoenix, AZ, or visit the website for more information.

chicken and waffles

Jewel’s Bakery and Cafe

If you’re looking for gluten-free baked goods, look no further than Jewel’s Bakery and Cafe. The restaurant serves everything from pancakes to chicken and waffles to pastries, all made with local ingredients.

Owner Julie Moreno believes no one should have to sacrifice flavor in order to avoid gluten. That’s why she makes sure her food has the same consistency and taste as food with gluten – no oily or gritty textures.

Visit Jewel’s Bakery and Cafe at 4041 E Thomas Road in Phoenix, or visit the website for more information.

The Coronado Nachos

The Coronado

For vegetarians and vegans who don’t like meat substitutes, The Coronado is the place to go. All of the restaurant’s dishes are made with grains, legumes and vegetables.

“Check, Please! Arizona” guests tried and recommended the fried guacamole, red bean quesadillas and beet and quinoa burger. All guests agreed that if you think vegan food isn’t for you, The Coronado will change your mind.

Visit The Coronado at 2245 N 12th Street in downtown Phoenix, or you visit the website for more information.

Green New American Vegetarian

This vegetarian restaurant in downtown Phoenix takes popular dishes like the Big Mac and chicken wings and turns them into plant-based favorites. Owner Damon Brasch said the restaurant focuses on comfort food staples to get people excited about vegetarian and vegan options.

“I’m trying to create all those foods that you love that you can’t always get when you’re a vegetarian or a vegan,” Brasch said. “Check, Please! Arizona” guests enjoyed burgers, burritos and chicken wings and marveled at the taste.

Visit Green New American Vegetarian at 2022 N 7th Street in Phoenix, or visit the website for more information.


Udupi serves vegetarian and vegan dishes native to many different regions of India, in the surrounding areas of Phoenix, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Chandler. Open for lunch and dinner, Udupi invites guests to enjoy the warmth of Indian hospitality through its cuisine.

Guests particularly enjoy the large lunch buffet and Udupi’s special Gobhi Manchurian or cauliflower florets. Mike Sullivan describes Udupi as “very quiet, comfortable, and cozy.”

Visit Udupi at 1636 N Scottsdale Road Tempe, or visit the website for more information.

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