You don’t have to be a vegetarian to love The Coronado PHX

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The Coronado PHX is a vegan restaurant that does not use meat substitutes. All of the dishes are made with grains, legumes and vegetables. The restaurant is tucked into a downtown Phoenix neighborhood that is very walkable.

By day, The Coronado offers a full selection of coffee and espresso drinks, and by night you’ll find beer, wine and a cocktail menu.

Elle Murtagh, Chef and Co-owner, describes the menu as “vegetable forward.” According to Murtagh, the most popular items on the menu are their cauliflower tacos and breakfast burritos.

“We have a lot of meat eaters that come here because they are surprised by how good it tastes,” said Co-owner Juan R. Tavarez. “I wanna change some minds for sure.” 

“Check, Please! Arizona” guest Marlaina Larsen-Thorslev made it her top pick, and she starts off her meal with a drink, ordering an iced chai. “They make my favorite iced chai in town,” Larsen-Thorslev said. Then for starters, she orders the fried guacamole, which she describes as “incredibly flavorful.”

Guest Andre Licardi orders the red bean quesadillas, explaining they have “roasted red pepper hummus drizzled over it.” Licardi adds, “I thought there was meat in the dish. It was terrific.” 

Additionally, guest Michelle Smith raves about the beet and quinoa burger, calling it “fabulous. I mean, it tastes better than meat.” 

To finish off the meal, and the reviews, Smith orders the chocolate chip rosemary cookie. “I could taste the rosemary, and I love the flavor of rosemary,” Smith said.

All guests agree that if you think vegan food is not for you, The Coronado PHX will change your mind.

Restaurant address: 2245 N 12th Street, Phoenix, AZ

Phone number: 602-767-8133


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