Green New American Vegetarian reinvents popular dishes

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Green New American Vegetarian is a vegetarian restaurant in downtown Phoenix that takes favorite popular dishes like the infamous Big Mac and chicken wings, and makes them vegan. While still keeping the flavors traditional, restaurant owner Damon Brasch highlights how they master the art of comfort foods you love while also celebrating vegetables.

“We serve some of the best plant-based food that you can get your hands on. Our food is your everyday comfort food. We have amazing chicken sandwiches, burgers and fries, and all of the things that really get people excited about a dining experience.”

Brasch inherited a love for food at an early age by watching his grandmother cook, an environment he hopes to emulate in his plant-based restaurant.

“Dinner time would roll around and it would just be this experience like no other. People would show up unannounced and there was always a plate for them and that was really really special.”

One of their most popular dishes, ordered by guest Justin Neal, is the buffalo wings made entirely from mushroom stems and soy protein.

“This was my first time having vegetarian chicken wings like this and they were amazing,” he said.

Guests also enjoyed burgers, wings, burritos and more that they say were as fresh, rich and delicious as the original.

Brasch is happy to share his vegan creations with the community. “I’m trying to create all those foods that you love that you can’t always get when you’re a vegetarian or a vegan.”

Green New American Vegetarian’s colorful atmosphere and artsy decor make it one of downtown Phoenix’s most beloved vegetarian spots to dine in.

Restaurant address: 2022 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ

Phone number: (602) 258-1870


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