Covid-19: Three Years Later

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Three years ago, the world changed.  The way we moved around in society. The way we engaged with our family, our friends. The way we shopped for groceries, the way we went to work – all of it changed. The way we heard and absorbed and experienced music changed, too.

This week on Arizona Encore, we’ll explore the lingering effects of Covid-19 on our lives, along with the Catalyst Quartet, mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton, and the Phoenix Chorale. You’ll hear a gorgeous new choral piece by Kira Rugen inspired by the myth of the phoenix – a piece about rising up and starting all over again. Plus, a song cycle Jake Heggie was commissioned to write about identifying all the things we missed during Covid-19. And, we’ll spend time with the young musicians participating in the Grand Canyon Music Festival’s incredible Native American Composer Apprentice Project program, now in its 22nd year.

Featuring performances by Phoenix Chorale; Christopher Gabbitas, conductor; Jamie Barton, mezzo-soprano; Jake Heggie, piano; Catalyst Quartet.

Rugen - Out of the Ash - Phoenix Chorale; Christopher Gabbitas, conductor
Jake Heggie talking - Jamie Barton, mezzo-soprano; Jake Heggie, piano
Heggie - What I Miss the Most... - Jamie Barton, mezzo-soprano; Jake Heggie, piano
1. Order
2. Time
3. Action
4. Music
5. You
Xavier Ben - Copper - Catalyst Quartet
Elijah Ben - Snowfall - Catalyst Quartet
Kirri Schaefer - Time Broke: It's All About March - Catalyst Quartet
Lahanna Carty - The Mellow Serene - Catalyst Quartet
Arika Morningstar - Wisteria - Catalyst Quartet
Sierra Ramirez - Mixed Emotions - Catalyst Quartet
Christina Shupla - Always - Catalyst Quartet

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