In Their Own Words: Artists share the impact of the pandemic

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COVID-19 has decimated the arts community. Artists, museums, galleries, and makers have seen their livelihoods dry up and, in some cases, they have lost everything. We’ll hear from two artists in their own words about what the pandemic has done to them.

Angelina Ramirez, founder of Flamenco Por La Vida, talks about her struggles with COVID-19. In the beginning, Ramirez made the difficult decision to close down her studio due to the pandemic. Although, that didn’t mean that she got out of having to pay the bills, rent and her own financial responsibilities. She ended up having to close permanently.

Mel Dominguez, artist and owner of Galeria Mitotera, discusses how he lost seven jobs. Dominguez saw the impact right away. The best time for art in Tucson is during spring and that’s when Dominguez had to close his gallery.

Mel Dominguez, artist and owner of Galeria Mitotera, Angelina Ramirez, founder of Flamenco Por La Vida

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