AZ Votes Debate: Republican candidates for Maricopa County Recorder | June 11, 2024

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Ted Simons, host and managing editor of “Arizona Horizon,” moderated a debate with two candidates running in the Republican primary for the position of Maricopa County Recorder.

Stephen Richer and Don Hiatt joined Simons to debate the issues.

Stephen Richer took the office as Maricopa County Recorder in 2021, unseating Democrat Adrian Fontes in the November 2020 election with  a narrow margin, winning 50.1% to 49.8%, a difference of nearly 5,000 votes.

Information management technology expert Donald Hiatt has thrown his hat into the county recorder’s race, promoting a five-point action plan to restore faith in Arizona elections, according to his campaign website.

Key issues in the race include election integrity, voter trust and public records maintenance. Each candidate brings a unique background and perspective to the role, emphasizing different strategies to enhance transparency and trust in the electoral process.

Stephen Richer, Maricopa County Recorder
Donald Hiatt, Information management technology expert

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