Humble Pie brings pizza perfection

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Known for its world-class wood-fired pizza and artisanal dining, Humble Pie is a local Italian chain that brings the heat. The restaurant is European bistro-style that offers fresh new American cuisine. Executive chef and partner, Jorge Gomez, describes how he reinvents the classic pizza dish.

“I love the science behind food, and there is no science bigger than the pizza. Everybody loves pizza. It’s one of those internationally adored foods.”

The restaurant spends up to three days preparing the pizza dough to perfection. Gomez mentions that the dough develops flavor, and constructs the pizza so that it is not too heavy.

Their menu includes classic options such as a pepperoni pizza but is popular for creating unique combinations such as their Korean chicken pizza and carnitas pizza.

Daisy Tanner, a sophomore at Arizona State University, has been going to Humble Pie for five years and says it’s one of her favorites.

“It’s not like a normal pizza place. They’ve got the specialties and the crust is different.”

Guests dined in on a variety of dishes such as the fig and prosciutto pizza that had a hint of sweetness to it, humble wings, humble fries as well as wine.

“It was fresh basil, fresh tomatoes, really great mozzarella, really yummy. And I loved my wine too.”

Located in Scottsdale, Humble Pie is a pizzeria social house that brings pizza perfection straight from the oven.

Restaurant address: 6149 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ

Phone number: (480) 556-9900


Cuisine(s): Italian

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