Ghost Ranch is dishing out Wild West delicacies

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Ghost Ranch is bringing untamed flavors of the Southwest to South Tempe with a modern twist.

Taking advantage of local Arizona and New Mexico ingredients, Ghost Ranch is no stranger to packing the flavor. Like chilis used to bring the heat, executive chef David Mora is creating savory innovations of Wild West cuisine.

“Lots of corn, beans and chilis,” he explained are the root of his dishes, adding that the restaurant is trying to bring a more “sophisticated” take on these traditional ingredients all the way down to the sauces.

“Most of our green sauces are a little bit more fresh and a little bit mellower,” Mora said. “And once we get to the reds, it’s a little spicier and earthier; so there’s a little bit for everybody.”

“Check, Please! Arizona” guest Tara Anderson, recommended Ghost Ranch which is conveniently located in her neighborhood. She said she was immediately drawn to the restaurant because every community needs an “awesome Mexican restaurant.”

While reminiscing on her meal, the pollo asado plate, she recalled its delicious flavor and gleamed it “cooked to perfection.”

“The skin is just crispy enough and the chicken is always tender,” she added.

Ghost Ranch’s lively atmosphere is also great for group outings. In addition to its unique food menu, it also has an extensive beverage menu with refreshing alcoholic cocktails.

And if you happen to save room for dessert, the coco flan was hard to pass up on. Topped with raspberries, chocolate, whipped cream and a crumble, it truly was a sweet ending.

Restaurant address: 1006 E Warner Rd #102-103, Tempe, AZ

Phone number: (480) 474-4328


Cuisine(s): New Mexican, Southwestern

airs July 26

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