Mingle + Graze specializes in charcuterie boards, gourmet dishes

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Guest Navid Askarinya shared his top spot in downtown Chandler with the rest of the “Check, Please! Arizona” guests: Mingle + Graze. This charcuterie and wine eatery is much more than fine cheeses and grapes — it’s a shop within a shop, which caters to everyone who walks in its doors.

The establishment serves as a symbol of the newly buzzing downtown Chandler area, according to host Mark Tarbell and Askarinya. For Askarinya, the art and the character really sells the restaurant beyond the amazing spreads.

“It’s like art you can eat,” Askarinya said. He also noted the way employees “ooze” hospitality at Mingle + Graze.

Founder and co-owner, Mahfam Moeeni-Alarcon said that’s exactly the goal.

This eatery, known for their charcuterie boards and spreads, imports their cheeses and wines from all over the world and also from local vendors. Moeeni-Alarcon also prides herself on her Chilean and Persian-inspired sandwiches and tacos, and the restaurant features a “shop within a shop” as boutique wines are sold at Mingle + Graze’s Spin the Bottle.

Guest Erin Mulay stopped by the Spin the Bottle shop to try different local wines and artisans.

Mulay had the butternut squash soup and a fig jam sandwich, cleverly named, P. B. + J (for prosciutto, triple crème brie and jam). For Mulay, both the food and the service were “perfected.” Mulay also tried the macarons for dessert, of which she purchased an entire box to take home.

Askarinya had the Monger’s Board with goat cheese, mustard gouda and prosciutto. The goat cheese was mixed with a sour cherry jam which made for shop-made sweet and sharp flavor. Askarinya said the mustard gouda was sharp, spicy and pointed.

Overall, Mingle+Graze was a memorable favorite among this week’s guests.

Restaurant address: 48 S San Marcos Place, Chandler, AZ

Phone number: 480-726-2264

Website: mingleandgraze.com

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