Chelsea’s Kitchen: An Arizona roadhouse

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At the corner 40th Street and Camelback sits local hotspot Chelsea’s Kitchen. Based on the concept of an Arizona roadhouse—a low ranch-style building with a generous patio–Chelsea’s is built of all Arizona-based materials. 

On the menu, you will find beef items raised specifically for Chelsea’s, along with chicken, vegetarian items and interesting appetizers like deviled eggs. They have a smokehouse area outside where they  smoke, roast and slow-cook their beef, pork and chicken. 

Chef Geoffrey Lichtenberger says the food served at Chelsea’s is Southwestern. “We serve a few different varieties of tacos, and the most popular is the short rib,” Lichtenberger explained.

One of their most popular dishes ordered by all guests is the deviled eggs, described by many as rich and delicious.

As an entree, guest Todd Gibbons recommends the filet mignon. “It was just well done, medium-rare, the way I like it,” Gibbons said. “It came to the table sizzling and was so flavorful,” he added. 

Nancy Griffiths and Kasey Denny enjoy the pan-fried chicken, a boneless chicken filet. “It was perfectly fried, crispy golden, but still juicy on the inside,” they explained.

Other attractions include tuna tartare with guacamole, Chelsea’s short ribs and the Howie burger, with gruyere and caramelized onions. Ask for a table on the patio for the best vantage point.

Fun tip: there are always chocolate chip cookies at a table near the entryway—take one on your way out! 

Restaurant address: 5040 N 40th Street, Phoenix, AZ

Phone number: 602-957-2555


Cuisine(s): Vegetarian, Southwestern

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