Farish House: French grandma cuisine and historic charm

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Nestled near the historic Roosevelt Row in Downtown Phoenix, Farish House, owned and helmed by Chef Lori Hassler, invites guests to savor what she lovingly refers to as “French grandma food.” The ever-changing menu boasts delights like cassoulets, petit filet, stews, and mac and cheese. The building, dating back to 1899 and once home to Phoenix’s first City Manager, William Farish, has been meticulously restored by Hassler and her family, bringing it back to its original charm with restored wood trim and floors.

Hassler describes their culinary approach as “French grandma” cooking, emphasizing slow and braised techniques. Farish House, she insists, is about more than just the food: it’s an immersive experience combining ambiance and community.

The restaurant’s unique charm extends to each room, with decor that reflects its rich history. The patio, adorned with live jazz music, provides a delightful setting for indulging in desserts and coffee. The cocktail program at Farish House is a journey through Prohibition-era concoctions and timeless classics.

During a visit featured on “Check, Please! Arizona,” guest Larry Berle praised the fantastic dates and figs, along with the irresistibly sweet and juicy sticky date maple, stating, “It was good, so sweet and so juicy.” Another guest, Pedro Sanchez, ordered Farish House’s award-winning tiramisu and said, “It’s the best tiramisu I have had in my life.” Sanchez’s pro tip? Opt for a seat on the front patio to enhance your dining experience.

Farish House isn’t merely a dining destination; it’s a nostalgic journey into French-inspired culinary traditions, where every detail, from the slow-cooked dishes to the vintage ambiance, contributes to an unforgettable dining experience.

Restaurant address: 816 N 3rd St - Downtown Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ

Phone number: 602-281-6659

Website: farishhouse.com/

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