The Italian Daughter: A culinary love letter to tradition

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The Italian Daughter, conceived by Melissa Maggiore Meyer as a heartfelt tribute to her late father, the renowned restaurateur and chef Tomaso Maggiore, is an inviting haven where guests are welcomed into the warmth of Meyer’s own home.

This homage to old-school Italian favorites features cherished dishes like burrata, linguine with clams, gnudi, eggplant involti, and steak, creating a menu that resonates with the essence of Italian culinary heritage.

The bar area, a local favorite, buzzes with activity most nights, offering live music, including performances by the bass player for Stevie Nicks during his breaks from touring. The restaurant holds a special place in the heart of Paola Boivin, Director of the Cronkite Sports Bureau at ASU, who selected it for its nostalgic connection to dining out with her recently departed Italian mother.

Meyer considers Papa’s Cioppino to be the signature dish, a culinary embodiment of their identity, inviting guests to experience the true essence of Italian cuisine. The goal is to create a vibe that speaks to the Italian community and fosters a sense of familiarity.

During her visit for “Check, Please! Arizona,” Boivin ordered the Proscuitto Di Parma + Burrata, describing the presentation as “like a work of art” and praising the burrata for its “smooth and soft” texture. Meanwhile, Ted Simons, the managing editor and host of “Arizona Horizon,” savored the zuccotto, a pumpkin cake, as the perfect ending to his meal, expressing that “everything was just right.”

At The Italian Daughter, the menu is a love letter to tradition, and the atmosphere invites guests to feel not just like patrons but cherished members of the extended Italian family.

Restaurant address: 23655 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ

Phone number: (480) 404-6085


Cuisine(s): Italian

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