Vetdrenaline Racing provides a different kind of therapy for vets with PTSD

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Vetdrenaline Racing, founded by Jess Maney, is committed to providing veterans with a form of therapy that’s not offered in a doctor’s office – an adrenaline rush.

“In 2009, I was wounded in combat,” Maney says. “Based on my recovery, I felt like I was missing something. Through all the great things the medical industry does for us, the veterans, there was always that piece that I was missing. I found it through the adrenaline rush in motor sports.”

There are two types of races offered: off-road racing and drifting events. Professional drivers will usually do the driving will the veteran sits in the passenger seat, soaking up the thrill of going speeds that are not allowed on the streets.

“I was introduced to Vetdrenaline through the veteran community,” Marine Veteran Joanna Sweatt says. “I served for the U.S. Marine Corps for just under 10 years… Since that time, I’ve had a lot of different issues that would pop up here and there that I wasn’t really addressing. I think for veterans especially adrenaline and being able to expend it and take part in activities that are fast paced and mission critical is important. It’s hard when you lose that. That’s what you’re trained to do. When you leave, you’re just sitting still. You miss that a lot.”

Vetdrenaline doesn’t only provide a source of adrenaline. It’s also a place to regain the sense of comradery that vets are used to having when they’re serving. It brings people together from the veteran community and helps them operate like a family again.

“It helps you address the things you miss from the service like teamwork, comradery and that adrenaline of having a mission and moving forward and doing something,” Sweatt says. “Civilian life just can’t fill the gap.”

More information on Vetdrenaline Racing can be found at

Jess Maney: Founder, Vetdrenaline
Joanna Sweatt: U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
Jesse Robles: Professional Drift Driver

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