“Blackout Day 2020” looks to display economic impact of Black consumers

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“Blackout Day 2020” is an effort that calls for African Americans to stage a one-day boycott to bring attention to the economic impact of Black consumers. We spoke with President and CEO at Pacific Southwest Minority Supplier Development Council, Patricia Crenshaw on what the group hopes for the big day.

The one-day boycott encourages Black Americans to refuse spending money and if so only at Black-owned businesses. Crenshaw and her group hope the day will show the big impact of the group’s economic spending.

According to Crenshaw, this is not the first time such a boycott has happened. In 1956 the Montgomery Bus Boycott protested segregated seating and lasted 381 days.

Though the boycott is only a day the group expects big participation.

Blackout Day 2020 is planned to take place on July 7th.

Patricia Crenshaw, President and CEO, Pacific Southwest Minority Supplier Development Council

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