Hopi leaders pave way for a healthier generation

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Life on the Hopi reservation in the high desert of northern Arizona poses unique challenges. ASU filmmakers Luke Simmons, Itzia Crespo and Karina Dominguez show us how Hopi knowledge and traditions are paving way for a healthy and sustainable community for younger generations. 

In the short film “Holding on to the Corn,” Pikushwungwu – Young Corn Clan Valerie’s Father, Leon Nuavayestewa and President, Board of Directors Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture, Valerie Nuvayestewa talk about how the younger generation is getting caught up in unhealthy eating habits and the efforts being done to change that.

The reservation is combatting the younger generation’s eating habits at the Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture Institute. The mission of the institute is to build healthy communities while passing on the knowledge of the people. There the young people are learning ways to stay healthy while also learning the enriched traditions of the Hopi people.

Leaders such as Nuavayestewa hope that the younger generation on the reservation understands the rich culture the community has. While also creating a sustainable community for themselves and future generations.

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