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Parents and students alike have been wondering what the start of school will look like, and sports has been another topic in question. The Arizona Interscholastic Association released its plan for the return of fall sports on Wednesday. We spoke with AIA executive director, David Hines, about what that plan looks like.

In Wednesday’s release, the Arizona Interscholastic Association released approvals for practice for fall sports to begin. Along with the approval also came recommended guidelines for schools to follow. With that schools can now start to prepare for the fall season.

The following sports have been approved to play in the fall; golf, cross country, swimming & diving, badminton, fall soccer, volleyball, and football.

Full Schedule:


First practice- Aug. 17

First competition- Aug. 24

Championships- Oct. 26-29 (Div. 1), Nov. 2-5 (Div. II)

Cross Country

First practice- Aug. 24

First competition- Sept. 9

Championships- Nov. 12-13

Swimming & Diving

First practice- Aug. 24

First competition- Sep. 14

Championships- Nov. 5-7


First practice- Aug. 31

First competition- Sept. 14

Championships- Nov. 7 (Individuals), Nov. 9-12 (Teams)

Fall Soccer

First practice- Aug. 31

First competition- Sept. 16

Championships- Nov. 4-7


First practice- Aug. 31

First competition- Sept. 21

Championships- Nov. 12-21


First practice- Sept. 7

First competition- Sept. 30-Oct. 3

Championships- Dec. 11/12 (4A-6A & Open)

(1A-3A TBA)

David Hines, Executive Director of Arizona Interscholastic Association

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