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The Arizona Department of Health released guidelines on allowing students and teachers to return to public schooling. We sat down with former state health director, Will Humble, to discuss the new metrics and how he hopes they’ll help schools be successful.

Thursday’s release comes at a time when school districts are preparing to start school. The new guidelines lay out three key measures for school districts. The metrics are being measured in categories substantial, moderate, and minimal.

Source: Matt Galka Fox 10

The guidelines also mention that schools can consider re-opening for partial in-person learning once their county meets several criteria measures over two weeks. Those measures are fewer than 100 new cases per 100,000 people or sustained drop in new cases, a rate of positive tests that is 10% or less, and fewer than 10% of hospital visits for COVID-like symptoms.

As of right today the state of Arizona has reported 185,053 positive cases of COVID-19 since the outbreak began. One of the most alarming statistics being that tests in the state have turned to be 12.5% positive.

Though guidelines are now in place school districts won’t be required to reopen or forced to close if they are not met.

Furthermore, you can read the full released guidelines here.

Will Humble, Former State Health Director & Executive Director of the Arizona Public Health Association

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