Giving motivation to kids struggling with the pandemic

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Arizona national guard member and motivational speaker Jimmy Scroggins noticed kids were having a hard time staying positive. Scroggins is running across the state of Arizona to give motivation to kids struggling with the pandemic. Horizonte host José Cárdenas spoke with Scroggins about his run.

The foundation relies heavily on group meetings and motivational speeches but with the pandemic they’ve had to shift their focus. Now, ‘Run 4 Life‘ is trying to keep kids positive by giveaways and focuses on individuals and their needs. During the pandemic, suicide and depression rates have been very high and this is a problem Scroggins wants to tackle. He wants to give everyone a reason to be positive and to believe their hardships can be over.

Scroggins main goal in his decision to run across Arizona was to match “crazy with crazy.” Despite it being one of the hottest summers in Arizona, Scroggins took on this challenge. The situations the world is in seems unreal and the only way Scroggins felt he could show his support was physically. He believes that by physically showing hardships and overcoming them, he is able to encourage people to overcome their own hardships.

Jimmy Scroggins, Motivational Speaker

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