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The deadline to register to vote is approaching fast. Horizonte host Jose Cardenas spoke to Stephanie Maldonado from Arizona Center for Empowerment about that deadline, along with who can register to vote and the process involved.

Stephane Maldonado, campaign director, is a part of an effort to increase voter registration statewide. It’s primary efforts stems in joining 26 organizations in encouraging voters, regardless of party, to vote. The deadline to vote is October 6th, less than a week away. Maldonado explains what you need to register to vote.

“So, if people need to register for the first time or update their information like their address (if they want to receive their ballot in the mail), they can go to the Secretary of State website, or they can visit – for example – our organization has a website and that’s where people can either inquire for information about getting registered. One of our folks will call you back and immediately register you to vote, or like I said you can visit the Secretary of State’s website, which is the service Arizona website, and there people can get registered to vote.”

Currently, the county recorder’s office isn’t taking people in-person because of COVID-19 so it’s important to try to do everything online, if possible.

Stephanie Maldonado, Community Schools Project Director of Arizona Center for Empowerment

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