Arizona political ad spending more than doubled in 2020

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Cox Media is estimating that the candidates for U.S President and Arizona Senator, along with PACs supporting them, will collectively spend $280M this election cycle, across all media. Rich Barone, vice president at Cox Media discusses how much each of the candidates has spent on broadcast advertising in the Phoenix and Tucson markets.

Entering the home stretch of the campaign, Barone says this is the most advertising he has seen over the past four political cycles. Right now, the most money is being spent in Arizona by Mark Kelly, almost two-to-one over Senator Martha McSally. The next highest spender is former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign. “The Democratic side is outspending the Republican side almost two-to-one in Arizona right now,” Barone said. He said this has been a constant through this political cycle.

Television is still king in terms of where political ads are placed, Barone said, though they are diversifying in what they are buying. “Traditionally, with us they would buy our four major news networks: Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and CNBC. But now it is vastly diversified. They’re buying ESPN, Do-It-Yourself Network, they’re buying really deep to really reach the masses.”

Rich Barone, vice president at Cox Media

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