The Hispanic community encourages others to “Get Out the Vote”

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Chicanos Por La Causa Action Fund and Unidos-U.S. Action Fund teamed up in September for a “Get Out the Vote” campaign to encourage greater Latino turnout this election.

Horizonte host Jose Cardenas spoke with David Adame, President and CEO of Chicanos Por La Causa, about activities leading up to the 2020 Election.

Adame shared that the campaign was designed to get the community more civically engaged. His organization has found ways to register people to vote and create events to educate the community the candidates and the voting process.

“Every election is the most important of anybody’s life, we’re talking about electing a president of the United States,” Adame said.

1.4 million Hispanic people live in the state of Arizona, the fourth largest area of Hispanics in the United States. Adame said he wants to ensure that all of those people have the opportunity to make their voices heard.

Adame also engages with people in the community on social media to answer questions about what polling places to go to or where to drop off mail-in ballots.

Chicanos Por La Causa partnered up with Unidos-U.S. to make sure that all Hispanics across the United States are getting their votes counted.

“We know that we want to harness the political empowerment [and] that people take advantage of their right to vote, which is one of the best rights you have to be a citizen of the United States,” Adame said. “We’re going to be a significant player in this election.”

Adame says that Arizona’s status as a swing state only makes the Hispanic vote more important.

“We don’t know how some of the other states are going to go, but…Arizona is going to determine who is the next president of the United States,” Adame said.

Many Hispanics are voting to seek policy changes on immigration, jobs and education in the 2020 Election.


David Adame, President and CEO of Chicanos Por La Causa

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