US Vets works to end veteran homelessness

A nonprofit in Arizona called “US Vets” works to end veteran homelessness and now they’re moving locations. We learned more about the effort from Michelle Jameson, Executive Director of the US Vets, Phoenix.

US Vets is the largest nonprofit in the United States serving homeless veterans. In Arizona, there are two campus sites. One opened in 2001 in Phoenix and another is located in Prescott.

US Vets have served over 10,000 homeless veterans, said Jameson.

The initial goal of US Vets is to go from “homeless to housing,” said Jameson. They provide comprehensive services that gives “…a behavioral approach…we have an outreach team and what they’ll do is, you can call us at any time and we will go get that veteran.”

It does not matter if they’re, “on the street, in the park, under the bridges, we will get that veteran…Our goal is to provide them with housing, shelter, a warm bed, food and comprehensive services,” said Jameson.

The comprehensive services include a mental health department with therapists, help with substance abuse as well as help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

They also provide a work force service that gets veterans back into employment and fund their living. US Vets placed 150 veterans into jobs last year, said Jameson.

But this nonprofit is relocating. They are still staying within the City of Phoenix but into a larger location funded by the city. The city stepped in after US Vets’ building rent was increasing.

Now, this new location will have the opportunity to help even more veterans. Jameson said, “I’m so excited about the opportunity to be able to offer more services to our veterans.”

“We can’t do what we do without the community. We have so many community partners out there.”

COVID-19 greatly affected US Vets but they are following CDC guidelines and have still been able to help veterans. The community has also stepped in to provide them with extra face masks and PPE gear to keep everyone safe.

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Michelle Jameson, Executive Director of the US Vets

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