Jim Kolbe’s criticism for Arizona Republicans

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Jim Kolbe represented Southern Arizona as a Republican in Congress for over 20 years. Kolbe is now an independent and has harsh words for the state’s current Republican Congressional Delegation. In an op-ed for the Arizona Republic, Kolbe writes, in part, that they, quote, “tried to substitute their own will for the vote of every Arizona citizen.”

Kolbe reflects on the past actions at the White House and the huge difference he’s seen in the Republican party. Despite his involvement in the Republican party, Kolbe reflects that the atmosphere is now “just toxic.” When it comes to the topic of President Trump, Kolbe does not see the benefit in impeachment and thinks it’s just a distraction from Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Although, Kolbe does think that the President Trump should resign. In his opinion, Republicans have lost their bearings since he left; although the seeds were there when he was working as well.


Jim Kolbe, Former AZ Congressman

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