Lyndsey Fry skates across Phoenix in honor of Leighton Accardo

Lyndsey Fry is an NHL radio analyst for the Arizona Coyotes. She is the fourth woman in the NHL to be named a radio analyst for a team. She is also a director of external engagement and female hockey at the Arizona Coyotes. Fry is an Arizona-native. She played for Harvard and in 2014 she was a member of the women’s Olympic team. In 2018 she was hired back by the Arizona Coyotes as an advisor to the team president and an ambassador. Since then she has worked on developing youth programs for the Coyotes.

Fry talked with us about her new radio analyst job. She also talked about the Coyotes‘ fundraiser for the Leighton Accardo Scholarship Fund on the 21st of February. Fry will be rollerblading 96 miles, Arizona coyotes came to Arizona in ‘96, around Phoenix in honor of Leighton Accardo. She will be stopping at all of the ice rinks around Phoenix and ending at the Gila River Arena. Leighton Accardo is a nine-year-old who died of cancer in late December. Leighton “was Leighton a fixture for the Coyotes”. We went into who she was and what influence she had on the team. The Coyotes were heartbroken when she passed away.

Fry said she enjoys her new position as a Radio analyst. She still is involved in the youth hockey space, especially on the girl’s side. She also is the Director of external engagement. She helps with getting out into and involving the community in the Arizona Coyotes. Lastly, Fry talks with us about her degree at Harvard, what she learned from it, and how she ended up where she is. Her MBA from Arizona State University helped her get into the business side of Hockey. Fry said she never says no to opportunities and says it has “worked out pretty well so far.”

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Lyndsey Fry, Arizona Coyotes NHL radio analyst

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