Study finds mail-in ballots don’t favor any political party

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Stanford University conducted a study finding that mail-in ballots did not favor any particular political party. Kevin Runbeck, the Chairman of the Board of Runbeck Election Services, discussed this new report and talked about his thoughts on it. Runbeck also worked to help expand voting by mail in Utah and California. These are two of the states mentioned in the study.

In response to the accusations of voter fraud, Runbeck said that you should not just dismiss things out of hand, but that the events that have been speculated have not been proven. He said it is hard to “substantiate” a rumor or someone just speculating. Runbeck told us that the voting system is secure right now.

We asked him if the voting system has any loopholes. He said they are using voter signatures to verify their ballots. He explained that the more signatures you have on file, the more accurate the verification will be.

He talks to us about the Stanford University study. He said they did not just rely on one date set, which is one reason Runbeck said he feels confident that their conclusion is valid. Runbeck said if people want to vote, they find a way to vote.

We also ask about the idea of including your date of birth with your mail-in ballot and reducing time to send out ballots, and if it would address the concerns that they keep hearing. Runbeck said he doesn’t think it will help and that it may be even less secure!

For more information on the Stanford Study, go to

Kevin Runbeck/Chairman of the Board, Runbeck Election Services

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