New book explores what Frank Lloyd Wright’s work can teach us

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A new book by Aaron Betsky and Gideon Fink Shapiro, entitled, “50 Lessons to Learn from Frank Lloyd Wright,” features some of the photographs of Wright’s remaining designs and some of the design tools Wright used to create architecture, interiors and landscapes. Host, Ted Simons, talked with the book’s photographer, Andrew Pielage, about the book and what we can learn from an American master.

“Wright was real big on breaking the box, and this was real early on in his career,” Pielage said. “Now we live in homes that reflect that.”

Pielage explained that one of Wright’s rules, ‘screen don’t box,’ was meant as a guide for people that felt their open concept might be too open. Instead of closing off the open feel to the house, the book suggested that you might use different furniture or screens to close of that part for the time being until you might need it again. 

What lessons Pielage has learned while photographing Wright’s buildings?

“If you’re looking for inspiration, just look outside,” Pielage said.

Pielage originally started photographing Wright’s work about 10 years ago when he visited one of Wright’s buildings. 

“I remember thinking, there is no one else in the world that is blending architecture with the landscape, and that is what originally drew me to Frank Lloyd Wright,” Pielage said. 

Pielage recommends that if someone hasn’t seen a Frank Lloyd Wright, then they should go inside and truly experience the feeling of what Wright’s work for what it is. 

“I think we can use his designs now to learn how to be more organic in the future,” Pielage said. 

Andrew Pielage

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