Researchers are developing a new medical device that can track body conditions

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University of Arizona researchers are working on developing a new type of wearable data gathering device that can track various body conditions such as temperature continuously. The new class of devices will be custom made for the user. Philipp Gutruf, assistant professor of biomedical engineers in the UArizona college of engineering, talked about the devices.

The medical devices can be tailored to each individual person. Gutruf also said the devices can be powered remotely. “It allows to extract bio-signals from the wearer,” he added.

The unique aspect of the device, Gutruf said, is that no one can notice that a person is wearing one. “There are technical abilities to see how my leg moves, how my arm moves, and much more,” he mentioned. The temperature sensors are high, and since the mass of the device is very small, it is very easy to track temperature.

The platform allows sensors that would otherwise not be embedded in the average smartwatch. One example Gutruf references is that the device can sense if someone’s muscle is contracting or expanding.

Gutruf said researchers are aiming with this device to do an at-home diagnosis. According to Gutruf, a person would have the device installed for 1-2 months, walk around and do daily activities, and then continuous data would be collected. Finally, an accurate diagnosis would be made.

The devices use 3D printing and flexible circuits that people can print like a regular piece of paper.

Philipp Gutruf, assistant professor of biomedical engineers, UArizona College of Engineering

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