Arizona Animal Welfare League celebrates 50th anniversary

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During the pandemic, animal shelters across the country have seen an increase in the number of pet adoptions. According to the ASPCA, one in five homes adopted a pet during the last eighteen months. The Arizona Animal Welfare League is Arizona’s oldest no-kill shelter—and this year they’re celebrating fifty years of lifesaving work. Producer Shana Fischer and photographer Rudy Romo paid a visit to the shelter.

Alessandra Navidad, CEO of AAWL, said she is here for one reason, and that is the animals. She has been running the league for one year, this no-kill shelter saves more than 4,000 animals each year.

“These are animals that are really given a second chance at life, they have suffered through tremendous trauma,” Navidad said.

Just like humans, the pandemic has taken its toll on the health of animals.

“Because people have less access to veterinarian care, whether they couldn’t afford it or they couldn’t go, or veterinarians were just so overwhelmed they just couldn’t schedule their pet to be seen we are seeing now that pets have more of those diseases that they could get vaccinated for because they’ve been missing their vaccines,” said Dr. Karin Sullivan, medical director of the Animal Welfare League.

AAWL also offers a low-cost medical and vaccine clinic. To learn more about those services or to make a donation– head to their website.

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