COVID Telehealth Waivers Set to Expire in The Fall

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Pandemic-era telehealth waivers allow doctors to treat patients from other states, but it’s set to expire this fall. Joining us to discuss this topic today is Swapna Reddy, DrPH

Telehealth access has been decreasing over the past few months as pandemic-era emergency health orders continue to fall. The waivers allowed doctors from other states to see patients. All but 12 states allow this still and it is set to expire completely this fall.

Doctors must have a license to practice medicine in the state which they intend to or are practicing. An exception was made during the pandemic. Many older patients rely on these telehealth visits as well as mental health patients. 

Swapna Reddy’s Background

Dr. Reddy works are Arizona State University’s College of Health as a clinical associate professor. Her research consists how both law and policy can be used together as a tool to help enhance population health and health outcomes – while also trying to reduce health disparities and inequities.

Who’s Impacted the Most?

If we take a look who has been able to benefit the most from Telehealth, a lot of those people come from different areas. That includes people in rural areas, who have transportation issues, people who just can’t take off work to see a doctor or medically deprived counties.

“If you really think about who telehealth has helped the most, its really been folks living in rural areas. Those that are living in medically underserved counties, which actually is most counties in Arizona and lots of counties across the U.S.” said Dr. Reddy. She continued with “Folks that have transportation issues, can’t take time off of work to go to a hospital appointment. That’s been this incredible opening of access for those populations.”

Dr. Reddy’s Thoughts on Telehealth:

When it comes to Telehealth, here’s what Dr. Reddy had to say about it.

“Telehealth has been sort of a great opportunity from an access perspective; might be reducing costs on many different services. Outcomes seemed to be pretty good as well.”

If you want more information about Dr. Swapna Reddy, click here.

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