Arizona Food Banks Struggle as Inflation Impacts Residents

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Arizona food banks are being hit by inflation, which is also creating a rise in demand for food bank services. From high rent to gas prices, Arizona food banks are in need as more people seek help. Joining us today to discuss this topic on Arizona Horizon is Angie Rodgers

A Look into Angie Rodgers’ Background

Angie Rodgers is the President & CEO, Arizona Food Bank Network. She has over 15 years of experience working in public policy research and advocacy focusing on human services. Rodgers has a Master’s degree in Social Work from Arizona State University. Included in that, she obtained her Bachelors’ degree at the University of Kansas, in criminology and sociology.

Across her work, she has worked with multiple people, including children and families division of the Department of Economic Security (DES) pursuing a federal child welfare waiver. Prior to her current position, Rodgers worked as an employer at DES coordinating research and federal policy. During her time there, she worked in health policy at Children’s Action Alliance. 

Arizona Food Bank Network

The Arizona Food Bank Network is connected with 5 other regional food banks; working together to fight against hunger across the valley of Arizona. They are also working with close to 1,000 food pantries, and other agencies to help combat hunger and have helped distribute 54 million pounds of food

With food being a necessity to our daily lives for survival, nearly one million people are fed each year across every county here in Arizona (15 total).

To be clear, Arizona Food Bank Network is not a food bank itself, rather what they do is help to support food banks in the valley. By working with other organizations and agents to help feed the mouths of the hungry people of Arizona.

What Can You Do?

According to the Arizona Food Bank Network, here are a few things you can do to help with hunger in Arizona or are in need of food.

  1. Find a Food Bank
  2. Food Assistant Programs
  3. School Closure Feeding Sites

If you want more on what you can do to help our or are in need, click here.

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