Nourish PHX provides food, clothing to those in need

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A local group by the name of Nourish PHX helping Arizona’s working poor by offering healthy food boxes. There is a wide variety of things the organization offers families in need, from food boxes, to basic needs like clothing, shoes, toiletries, education and employment assistance. Joining us today on Arizona Horizon is Executive Director, Nourish Phoenix, Beth Fiorenza. We also met Chef Jeff Kraus from the Crepe Bar. Kraus works alongside Nourish PHX with their “Think Inside the Box” program.

History of Nourish Phoenix

Here’s a look of the history of Nourish Phoenix. According to their website, from the 1980s until present day, Nourish Phoenix, formerly ICM Food and Clothing Bank, has had a rich history in providing services for the working poor in Phoenix.

“We are working moms and dads, teens and retirees, we are the people who believe in caring for others during their tough times and giving them a helping hand up in the face of poverty.

We believe that no matter the situation, each individual should have hope and dignity when facing the extreme adversity that life hands us. We believe that each piece of clothing, each piece of food, each item received is one-by-one changing the world for good.”

If you want more on information on the full history of Nourish Phoenix, click here.

Beth Fiorenza/Executive Director, Nourish PHX - and Chef Jeff Kraus/Crepe Bar

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