Act One makes arts accessible to thousands of children

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A local organization by the name of “Act One” makes arts accessible for thousands of children and families in Arizona each year through field trips for K-thru-12 students from Title-1 schools.  Joining us with more on “Act One,” is the group’s director of arts education, Dr. Beth Maloney.

What is Act One?

According to their website, Act One was started by Russ and Mac Perlich to address the many issues faced by schools and arts organizations alike when organizing field trips. Although many theater companies offered student matinees, low-income schools could not afford the tickets, nor the necessary transportation. The solution became Act One’s signature program: Act One Field Trips.

Mission and Vision

Act One provides meaningful arts experiences that enhance the academic and creative potential of children and families in Arizona. We envision a time when all Arizonans acknowledge the value of creative arts experiences as a significant component of educational advancement and personal well-being.

What they do

Act One makes the arts accessible to thousands of children and families in Arizona each year through field trips for K-12 students from Title I schools and the Culture Pass program.

MORE: Helping Kids & Adults stay engaged in the arts

  • VR Program –Act One’s cutting-edge VR arts program, “Freedom in Expression,” takes students on a 360° visual and audio journey connecting the history of public art to the Mexican Mural Movement with a muralist in modern-day Chicago and ground-breaking female mariachis in Tucson. NEW: *In addition to schools, this program is now available to community organizations such as summer camps, senior living communities, women’s shelters and more.
  • Culture Passes –Act One’s Culture Pass provides access to the arts for students, retirees, and families that would not otherwise have the financial capabilities to visit Arizona’s arts and cultural treasures. Check out a Culture Pass at one of 80 libraries and receive free admission for two to one of the many museums, theaters and cultural sites. Over 800,000 passes are offered annually!
  • Field Trips – Act One sends students from Title 1 schools on educational arts field trips and covers the cost of admission and transportation.

If you want more information, click here.

Dr. Beth Maloney/Director of Arts Education

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