How UCLA and USC’s conference departure will affect the PAC 12

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UCLA and USC have left the Pac 12 for the Big Ten. Here to discuss what that means in terms of TV money, bowl games and the future of college football is Ken Shropshire, senior advisor to the Dean for the Coalition for the Equity and Opportunity.

What does this mean?

“It means a tremendous amount. It means a tremendous amount of money to those two schools, and it means a bit of a deficit for the Pac 12,” Shropshire said.

Money is a major factor for this decision, but Shropshire said there are other factors that play into it such as better competition, air time and more.

While all these things go back to money, it still creates greater opportunities for these athletes. One downside of this decision is having more athlete travel that takes place beyond regular regional courses.

Why is the Big Ten a better pay day than the Pac 12?

The Big Ten has a notorious reputation, with schools such as Ohio State and Michigan being involved. Performance wise, it stretches from the east coast and is a national conference.

The Pac 12 being lapped by the Big Ten is a hard feat to believe, but the Big Ten played strategic measures which led to the deal being struck. It surprised everyone.

This not only affects football, but the other sports as UCLA and USC.

“As this all settles out, that’s the toughest part. If you think about football where possible you got a handful of games where you may travel across the country once a week, that’s not so dramatic. But just about every other sport – the travel is extensive,” Shropshire said.

It can take quite a drain on the athletes, who may not be the ones receiving proper monetary benefits.

Ken Shropshire, Coalition for Equity and Opportunity

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