Arizona Democrats experience big win this election season

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Arizona Democrats have seen quite the success this election season with Katie Hobbs being the first Democrat elected Governor since 2006. With a win like this, the state has seen exceptional power in the Latino and youth votes.

“We know that Democrats are ready to govern here in the state of Arizona, and so we delivered for Arizonans. I absolutely look forward to working with the Arizona Democratic Party and continue the efforts to build on the success,” Raquel Teran, chair of the Arizona Democratic Party

Teran is stepping down from her role and is focusing on her new leadership position.

“We’re very proud of the work we did as the Arizona Democratic Party. It took a village to get us here, but I have the honor of being elected the minority leader for the Senate Democratic caucus and this is the moment to focus on our State legislature. We have a Democratic governor this next term. We have 14 Democrats in the Senate, 29 democrats in the House, and it presents an incredible opportunity to get things done here in Arizona,” Teran said.

After the Democratic wins in 2020, the party continued to organize and plan for future wins, which is why the party experienced big wins this election season, according to Teran.

“What we see now is that we have a strong Arizona Democratic party. We have campaigns that are ran very professionally. Our candidates are speaking to Arizona values, and also, there is a progressive infrastructure as well. There’s grass root movements as well as our labor partners, Planned Parenthood, and many organizations that have helped build that infrastructure to make Arizona a battleground state,” Teran said.

The Democrats clearly won in Arizona, not by a fluke or luck, but because Arizonans have progres

Raquel Teran, Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party

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