YMCA’s Youth & Government program encourages involvement

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Now in its 75th year, YMCA’s Youth & Government program aims to create strong humans who are civically engaged, preparing them to be responsible as future voters and future leaders of our country.

Jenna Cooper, VP of Government and Community Relations, and member Amado Rodriguez discuss the Y & G program and its history.

During a 3-day Model Legislative session, the students of Youth & Government take residence at the State Capitol inside the legislative chamber. Activities consist of running a mock legislative session debating bills, a youth Supreme Court reviewing the bills for constitutionality, and a youth-based model press corps taking on the fast-paced role of the media, publishing a daily newspaper, conducting interviews, tracking legislation, and taking over the Youth & Government social media platforms.

The session culminates in a Joint Closing Session, wherein the bills passed are signed into Youth Law, and new Youth & Government officers are sworn in. These offices include the Youth Governor, Youth Secretary of State, and Youth Attorney General. Each carries a term of one year.

Upon conclusion of the event, the youth bills signed into youth law are then sent to the Governor’s Office in the hopes that the ideas contained within them will have the opportunity to impact future state laws.

Jenna Cooper, YMCA VP of Government and Community Relations; Amado Rodriguez, Youth Member

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