2023 Field Institute Grand Canyon trips

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The Grand Canyon Conservancy announced its list of 2023 Field Institute trips. These are trips that the public can participate in including a 3-day mindfulness hike, a private tour of the Rim and a week-long exploration led by a Navajo guide. Romy Murphy of the Grand Canyon Field Institute joins Ted to talk about these opportunities.

“The field institute trips are our educational programs,” said Murphy. “The field institute has the opportunity to take folks back into the high country and teach them about this natural wonder.”

As Murphy mentions, these there are a wide variety of trips to include all ages and skill levels. This May, the institute is hosting a mindfulness hike that is a great way to slow down from the busyness of life.

“When you’re going to the Grand Canyon, it’s so easy to walk by so many things, and you’re already in awe, you’re in so much wonder,” said Murphy. “We like to take the time to point out the little things, the little details.”

Group sizes are limited, depending on the specifics of the trip. As Murphy pointed out, these trips have been in existence for a long time. The field institute has been involved for over 20 years, and the conservancy just celebrated its 90th anniversary.

Romy Murphy of the Grand Canyon Field Institute

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