Phoenix Selects New Interim Police Chief

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Phoenix officials have selected a new interim police chief, Michael Sullivan, who took over when Chief Jeri Williams stepped down in September. Sullivan previously served as Deputy Police Commissioner in Baltimore, Maryland. City officials expect Sullivan will remain in the position for one to two years, allowing time for the city to find a more permanent candidate.

Sullivan left a permanent job in Baltimore for this job saying, “It was an opportunity. I couldn’t pass it up. You know my skill set, it’s what the City of Phoenix was looking for and somebody with chief experience and I had worked with the Department of Justice in a Department of Justice investigation, civil right’s investigation and that’s what I came from…My skill set set me up for success here.”

The City of Phoenix police are also under an investigation from the Department of Justice currently. Sullivan has plans to start reform, of the department before the investigation is concluded. “We’ll do everything to be the best department we can. We will talk about reform and I will talk about being a self-correcting agency. So in those areas, and the entire department I want to put us in a position that we’re finding things before there problems,” Sullivan said.

One areas he is currently working on is the use of force policy. “I’ve spent my first five months, you know, really assessing our strengths and some areas we could improve in. One of the years areas was use of force policy and we’re in the process of actually out for public comment right now.” He encourages everyone to go on their website and make any comments they feel are necessary concerning the use of force policy.

Michael Sullivan, police chief

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