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GOP lawmakers discuss the latest bills and news from the Legislature, including the recent accusations made in the joint legislative election hearing. We heard from President Pro Tempore TJ Shope & House Majority Leader Leo Biasiucci about these pressing issues.

“Our members on the committee, the Senate members, who were there had been requesting from Representative Harris over the previous several days, for the documents that were going to be presented,” said Shope. “I believe that Senator Borrelli and Senator Rogers had received some of the documents, except for the last speaker, which, of course, were the wild allegations that were brought out about bribes.”

Members of the public can sign in to speak at legislative hearings by way of a bill. This is what occurred at the recent joint legislative election hearing. An individual signed up to speak and accused lawmakers of taking bribes.

“Sometimes they’re going to say things that are crazy, outlandish, it is the job of the chair to control that room, control that committee when this happens,” said Biasiucci. “Usually you’re supposed to come up there with some factual documentation, something showing proof.”

The individual did not provide proof in the legislative hearing, as Biasiucci noted. There is a vetting process in place, however, sometimes unvetted information can slip through.

“It’s hard because, in government, you want to make sure everyone has their first amendment right to come, right, and speak in a committee,” said Biasiucci. “This being a specific hearing that has to do with an election integrity, you would hope you can catch everybody, and usually you can. This one slipped through.”

President Pro Tempore TJ Shope, House Majority Leader Leo Biasiucci

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